Preguntas frecuentes para el paciente anticoagulado


What is the recommended test frequency?

Every 2 weeks or even once per week


What is time in therapeutic range (TTR)?

The percentage of time your INR values fall within the upper and lower target value. i.e. set by your doctor (therapeutic range)

How can I improve my time in therapeutic range (TTR)?

By testing more frequently and subsequently better adjust medication

Does the CoaguChek XS need calibrating?

No, just insert the Code key that comes with the strips and you are done


Why is it important to change the Code chip?

It is important to have the correct code chip inserted that matches the particular code of strips that you are using. The code chip contains essential calibration information for the meter to run a test.

Why can’t I perform a liquid quality control?

The meter has an internal quality control, measuring liquid controls is not needed.


Does the user have to run the test immediately after having taken it out from the vial?

The vial can be left open for up to 10 minutes. If the strip is left out of the vial too long an error message will be displayed.


What steps can I take when the readings are different to the hospital lab?

There are different measurement methods to test your INR. Since the hospital might use a different measurement method, than your meter, your readings might slightly differ.

If you have questions about your INR readings, please contact your local support organization.

What happens if blood is applied before the test strip symbol and flashing drop of blood drop appears on the screen?

An error message (error number 4) will appear on the screen